All The Bright Places | Light In The Dark

Violet & Finch

“All The Bright Places” is one of my well-liked films in 2020. As the story happened to focus on teenager’s mental health problems and some of the dark issues that people rarely talk about. I like what Violet said that her sister always tells her that “ We don’t remember days; we remember moments.” How inspiring the word is that whenever I am having a bad day, I remind myself of this quote, which makes me feel a lot better. After watching this film on Netflix, at first everything was so overwhelmed, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this film over the night. I feel like mental health really stands a massive role for society these days that people should take it seriously ever than before. We often missed out on the chance to help them, thinking maybe they are just having a bad time and it will be better to let them stay alone. Unfortunately, this is the emergence sign they are sending us that they want you to help, and they need your help for sure. From my point of view, the immense feeling come towards me that I feel like maybe Violet is not the one that needed to be saved, but Finch is the one. I guess the person who tried to save you is actually the person who needs to be saved too. Giving help is never too late, but don’t send out help is the problem.

Also, I love the interaction between Violet and Finch. As an audience, I can clearly feel that the mood changes in Violet to Finch, when at first she is still having trouble to face his sister’s death and the emotional towards Finch when he is trying to involved; later, we somehow see that because of the kindness that Finch is kept sending towards Violet, she makes her step out not only to the world but specifically to Finch. I always feel that it is enough if there is only one person in the world who knows you, cares about you, and is ready to share his or her world with you; that is the person you need. Taking care of others is always a topic that people talk about, but very hard to accomplish.

Darkness in Light but Lightness in dark…

The story brings out the main point by telling that “ there is darkness in light, but at the same time, there is brightness in the dark time.” The reality of loss and trauma is the struggle that both Violet and Finch are facing. The film does a better job of expanding the struggles and real-time emotion that Finch is facing and, in the end, shows how he cannot overcome it and chooses to end his life. In the same tone, same with Violet, she cannot control herself by walking out from the grief emotion after the death of her sister. Still, she has Finch by her side, trying to encourage her to face the struggle, but without really knowing Finch is in hurt. At the end, she is cured but loses someone who is the most important in her life.

Lastly, I wanted to give the last script Violet had presented in from of the class. I hope you guys love the film as much as I do!

Violet said “ I used to be worried about everything. Things that seemed meaningful were actually meaningless. I worried about life, I worried about what eoulg happened if I let myself felt again. I thought I didn’t deserve too. Then without really knowing… I changed. I wasn’t worried about what would happen if I lived. I was worried about what would happen if I didn’t, What I would miss. I worried about not remembering. Not remembering all of the moments… all of the places… and that’s because of Finch. Beacuse he taught me to wander. He taught me that you don’t have to climb a mountain to stand on the top of the world. That even the ugliest of places can be beautiful, as long as you take time to look. That it is ok to get lost… as long as you find your way back. But in learning all of that, I missed seeing something more important… seeing Finch. I missed that he was in pain. I missed that he was teaching me all along how to move on. Finch was a dreamer. He dreamt while he was awake. He dreamt of all the beauty in the world, and he made it come to life. Finch taught me that there’s beauty in the most unexpected places, even in dark times. And that if there isn’t… you can be the bright place… with infinite capacities.”



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